Activities & Experiences

Experience Spirituality, Adventure, and Culture

Explore the essence of Rishikesh with our special and unique customized experiences. Immerse yourself in spirituality and the rich cultural heritage of the city. Embark on thrilling adventure treks and enjoy exciting sightseeing tours. Neer offers it all.

spa with a table covered with white cloth at Neer Ganga Resorts

Ayurvedic Spa

Rejuvenate body and mind with Ayurvedic treatments at our Rishikesh spa.

a woman doing yoga in an open area

Yoga Classes

Find serenity with tailored yoga classes in a tranquil setting.

instruments used for sound therapy placed on a white fur cloth

Sound Healing

Embrace tranquility amidst stunning Ganges views with guided sound healing sessions.

a group of people walking amidst a lush green area

Village Tours

Immerse in local culture and nature with our thoughtfully curated village tours.

two women doing ganga aarti at Neer Ganga


Discover inner peace with 'yagnas' & ‘havan’ fostering spiritual harmony.

a notebook with a painting with colours and brush on the side

Painting & Pottery

Unleash creativity through painting and pottery amidst the serene ambiance of Neer Ganga.

a star lit sky with mountains in the foreground


Lose yourself in Rishikesh's star-studded skies, perfect for stargazing at Neer Ganga.

a person holding a guitar

Live Music

Experience soul-healing melodies at Neer Ganga, a memorable evening of enchanting live music.


River Rafting

Brave the Ganges' rapids, guided by experts for an unforgettable experience

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